Placing an order

Is there a minimum order requirement?

We offer hot, chilled and frozen deliveries depending on your daily numbers and locations. Please get in touch to see what we can offer you.

How do we place an order?

We’ll get you set-up with an account, and to log in you will need an email address and password. This will provide you with access to a simple online dashboard where you can order the number of meals you’d like and enter specific allergy requirements. We also understand that planning is vital to your daily operation, so there is also the option to order your meals in advance for weeks or months at a time. Once set up, you can copy previous orders, check them and submit them, saving time. Every time you submit an order, we’ll send you a confirmation email of your meals, as well as a friendly reminder email when it’s time to log-in and order for the following week, ensuring you don’t miss our deadline. You can also easily repeat previous orders. Our system allows you to make any amendments and re-submit your order. Simple! You can also order meals per sitting if you have a larger setting with more children to cater for.

How easy is it to change, amend or update my food order?

For hot food deliveries, our customers have up until 6pm every Wednesday to make any order changes for the following Monday. For chilled and frozen deliveries, order changes must be made two weeks in advance. You can make changes and amend your order as often as you like prior to that time. Any amendments after that time should be sent to orders@yumyumfoodcompany.co.uk and will be processed providing we are given 48 hours notice, if you require changes with less notice period we will do our best to help when possible. We ask for two working days to process change requests but we also try to support any change requests whenever possible.

How much does your service cost?

Please get in touch to discuss prices for your area and setting.

How do we pay for our order?

We use GoCardless for our direct debit system. This is the simplest and most efficient way to manage your orders. When you first set-up your online account with us, you will be required to sign-up to this system. We ask for payment via GoCardless within 5 days from the date an invoice is raised.

What mealtime occasions do you cover?

We cater for lunch, tea and snacks. If you have any further requirements, please get in touch.

Can we use you to cover chef absence and holidays?

The Yum Yum Food Company will always look to support you for any last minute cover or chef holiday cover. Please get in touch to let us know your requirements, for urgent enquiries please send an email to both these addresses - abigail@yumyumfoodcompany.co.uk and evie@yumyumfoodcompany.co.uk


Where do you deliver to?

We cover most of the South East and currently deliver to a range of nurseries and schools throughout London, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey. We also deliver further afield depending on the size and requirements of the setting. Due to popular demand for our meals, we are constantly expanding the locations that we deliver to. Please contact us to see if we can deliver to your area.

How does the food arrive?

We offer a hot, chilled, or frozen temperature deliveries depending on the location of your setting and the number of meals required. We have a dedicated fleet of reliable, friendly drivers. Having your order delivered on time, every time is what drives us. For more information about packaging and temperature controls please get in touch.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All our equipment is designed to be reused. Our meals are delivered in temperature-controlled therma-boxes, designed to retain temperatures for long periods. Our food arrives in stainless steel oven trays and plastic containers. We ask all our nurseries and schools to empty and rinse all containers so that they are ready to be collected on the next delivery. All our customers are very happy to do this so to ensure minimum waste.

How do you ensure the food stays hot?

Every single hot meal order is temperature checked prior to delivery so to ensure a minimum core temperature of 90 degrees, and immediately put into out therma-boxes. This ensures that when the food arrives at our settings, it will be at a minimum temperature of 63 degrees, or hotter. In the unlikely situation that the hot food has fallen below the legal standard of 63 degrees at serving time, you still have a two-hour window for the food to be served. For avoidance of doubt, we can always confirm the exact time your food left our ovens to ensure you have not exceeded the two-hour window.

What time will the food arrive?

For our chilled and frozen menus, we will aim to deliver the day before you require the meals. Exact timings will depend on your location; however, we will assign you with a set delivery time when you partner with us. For our daily hot meals, we aim to deliver to all nurseries and schools by 12 noon, although the exact time of your delivery will depend on your location and position on your assigned driver’s route. We will discuss your delivery requirements to arrange a delivery schedule that fits with your setting. We always do our very best to arrive in good time ahead of your daily serving time.

How do you avoid delays?

We avoid delays by ensuring our delivery schedule has enough extra time built-in to allow for any delays due to traffic, adverse weather or other factors out of our control. In the unlikely event of any delay, you will be contacted as soon as we are aware of the delay and provided with an estimated time for delivery.

Can we freeze/reheat the food?

Our hot meals are to be served on the days of delivery, according to our menus. They are not designed to be cooled, reheated or frozen. We do not advise consumption at a later time or date. Likewise, once our chilled or frozen meals have been heated-up, they are not to be cooled down for reheating or freezing for consumption at a later time or date.

How quickly can we have a delivery?

If you have an emergency order, please contact us and we will be able to make an immediate decision on how fast we can start your deliveries. For further information, please see 'How easy is it to change, amend or update my food order?'


What does a typical menu look like and how often does it change?

You can view all of our menus here (add link). Our best-in-class menus run on a 3-week rotation to ensure they are packed with variety, and we offer both hot lunch and hot tea options.

How do you cater to allergens and special requirements?

We are committed to safeguarding all the children dining with us, and we pride ourselves on having an expert ordering system in place to ensure that every child, no matter what their requirement, receives the correct meal to support their needs. Not only that, we always look to create similar meals to our standard menu wherever we can to ensure that every child feels included. All our chefs have undergone detailed allergy training and we have a dedicated area in our kitchens for the preparation of meals for children with specific allergies. And as part of our service, every setting we support is assigned a dedicated member from our allergy kitchen team. For more information on food allergies, click here [LINK]. Please have a look at our current menu – we believe our food speaks for itself.

Is your food fresh?

We only cook with premium, fresh ingredients, with a focus on herbs and spices for flavour, instead of using salt.

Can we trial the food?

One of the best ways to see how our expert food service will fit into your nursery or school is to try it for yourself, so we offer pre-paid trial weeks where you can enjoy a selection of meals from our current menu. If you’re opening an early years setting, or you are looking for a new food solution for your children, please get in touch so we can help you plan ahead.

Do we have to follow the menu?

We operate a set menu which provides variety and nutritional balance. We want to ensure every child gets the nutrients they need for their development and long-term health and our menus have been expertly curated with Annabel Karmel to ensure children enjoy a world of flavour whilst ensuing that every meal time is well-balanced and meeting their needs to fuel their day. Where there are specific dietary requirements, some ingredients may be substituted. However, we always look to create similar meals to our standard menu wherever we can to ensure that every child feels included. Please ask us for more information.

Do you follow specific nutritional guidelines?

Our nutrient based standards for our nursery menus have been designed around the guidance provided by the Caroline Walker Trust for Under 5’s, which is a trust dedicated to the improvement of public health through good food. Our menus also comply with the current guidelines for nursery schools as set out by the School Food Trust Primary Nutritional Standards. All our meat is sourced from animal welfare accredited suppliers, and we make offer a full halal menu if preferred. We ensure our menus include a range of dishes from a variety of cultures from around the world, we believe in catering from a selection of different cuisines. Our menus include lots of different fruits and vegetables, which are essential for good health and to promote a healthy diet and to encourage positive eating habits from a young age.

Annabel Karmel partnership

We know how important it is for children to stay fuelled on the right foods whilst in your care. We also recognise the importance of introducing a diverse range of delicious flavours to encourage good, healthy eating habits for the future.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author and food expert Annabel Karmel to pack-in plenty of goodness whilst ensuring our meals are anything but bland.

Recognised all over the world for devising delicious, nutritious meals for children, Annabel has worked with our chefs to ensure that even the pickiest of eaters will love our food.