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A healthy start

Nutrition sits at the very heart of our business.

Together with Annabel Karmel, we recognise the key role good food and healthy diets plays in a child’s life-long development. What they eat now will shape their future preferences. That’s why we believe it’s our job to introduce them to a world of tasty, healthy food.

And with children in full childcare receiving up to 90% of their daily food intake from nursery meals, it’s vital that parents feel reassured that their child is enjoying the very best food to fuel their days.

Our nutrient based standards for our nursery menus have been designed around the guidance provided by the Caroline Walker Trust for Under 5’s, which is a trust dedicated to the improvement of public health through good food.

Our menus also comply with the current guidelines for nursery schools as set out by the School Food Trust Primary Nutritional Standards.

We only cook with premium, fresh ingredients, with a focus on herbs and spices for flavour, instead of using salt.

All our meat is sourced from animal welfare accredited suppliers, and we can offer a full halal menu if preferred. All our cheeses and jellies are vegetarian. Additionally, all ingredients that may contain a hidden animal product such as gelatine are sourced as vegetarian only to ensure no cross-contamination for our halal, vegetarian, vegan menus.

We ensure our menus include a range of dishes from a variety of cultures from around the world, and our menus include lots of different fruits and vegetables, which are essential for good health. This all ties back to our mission to promote healthy, balanced diets and to encourage positive eating habits from a young age.

Small child enjoying food

Every effort is made to assist with feeding children who have specific food allergies, intolerances and cultural requirements.

All our menus are clearly designed with allergen information, and they are always available on the Menu tab on our website, to allow parents to view them at all times, as well as all staff in each setting.

Our menus are presented to each nursery with further documentation to include temperature recording templates, an introduction letter to parents plus a welcome pack with marketing materials to help you promote your quality menu offering to parents.

Information on this pack is available here.

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