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Abigail Simon, founder of the Yum Yum Food Company

As the news came that a full shut-down was imminent due to the Coronavirus, we knew that our kitchen had to remain firmly open, not only to support settings with children of key workers, but our entire community…families, the vulnerable and frontline carers.

Our support in the form of nutritious, wholesome food supplies was needed more than ever before. Our state-of-the-art kitchens had to step into action.

Fast forward two weeks and our journey already has been nothing short of incredible. The Yum Yum Food Company is working with Compassion London, an amazing charity made-up of trained chefs and a growing army of volunteers, to prepare and deliver over 2,500 meals a day.


Compassion LondonCompassion LondonCompassion LondonCompassion London



To donate or lend your support to Compassion London, email compassionlondon01@gmail.com or visit: www.compassion.london

In such a short space of time, this fast-expanding food operation has become a lifeline for so many, including NHS workers helping to fight the pandemic, and we are so honoured that our kitchens are at the heart of making a difference.

Teams of volunteer delivery drivers are working 24-7 to transport freshly prepared meals to community centres, hostels and collection points across the city, as well as hospitals, including Great Ormond Street and Guys & St Thomas.

And it’s with great thanks to The Felix Project and City Harvest London that we are receiving supplies of quality fresh ingredients to prep on such a colossal scale.

Together with our food partner Annabel Karmel, we continue to work tirelessly to raise essential funds to keep going. Getting a meal to someone in need costs about £2.00. One donation of just £8 enables us to feed a family of four. £100 will help us feed at least 50 children a hot delicious meal.

We are also on the lookout for more on-the-ground volunteers (chefs, kitchen support and delivery drivers), so if you think you can help, please get in touch!

We will report back on our progress!


“Compassion London is a wonderful project set out with the motive of providing food filled with passion, healthy ingredients and love and for all the NHS workers at this difficult time. On behalf of myself and all my colleagues around all my local hospitals I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to all the team behind Compassion London who have not only filled our tummies with delicious food on our long shifts, but also their kindness has brought a smile to our faces when we need it the most.

I encourage everyone who can to support the wonderful work that they do so that they may be able to grow and expand and reach out to many more hearts every day. Compassion London – no thank you’s will ever be enough”

Dr Harshini of Guys and St Thomas Hospital