Specialists in catering for nurseries and primary schools

We cook and deliver our hot, chilled and frozen meals to your nursery or school
ready for you to serve or simply reheat and serve.
  • Meals cooked in small batches with care
  • Seasonal, fresh and ethically sourced ingredients
  • 15 years experience catering for nursery and primary schools
  • Experienced in catering for a wide variety of allergy meals
  • Commercial kitchens that are compliant with all relevant EU and environmental guidelines

Meals to suit your nursery or primary school

You choose how often you need meals delivered.
3 week rotational menus all allergy-ingredient compliant.
You choose whether you'd like a vegetarian option.
We deliver nutritious meals to your nursery or school.

Sample Menus

We have a 3-week rotational menu that has great variety. Below are just a few examples of menus.

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