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Annabel Karmel together with our expert chefs know what it takes to ensure even the fussiest of diners enjoy our tasty, balanced meals.

Our best-in-class menus run on a 3-week rotation to ensure they are packed with variety, and we offer both hot lunch and hot tea options.

Courgette cake example of nursery catering
Whether you are running a small, medium or large setting, it’s likely you’ll be catering for allergens, intolerances and special requirements.

We are committed to safeguarding all of the children dining with us, and we pride ourselves on having a bespoke ordering system in place to ensure that every child, no matter what their requirement, receives the correct meal to support their needs. Not only that, we always look to create similar meals to our standard menu wherever we can to ensure that every child feels included.

Example of nursery meal from Yum Yums

All of our chefs have undergone detailed allergy training and we have a dedicated area in our kitchens for the preparation of meals for children with specific allergies.
And as part of our service, every setting we support is assigned a dedicated member from our allergy kitchen team.

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Please have a look at our current menu – we believe our food speaks for itself.

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